TAC2 - "Ultimate Man Bag"

TAC2 - "Ultimate Man Bag"
TAC2 - "Ultimate Man Bag" TAC2 - "Ultimate Man Bag" TAC2 - "Ultimate Man Bag" TAC2 - "Ultimate Man Bag" TAC2 - "Ultimate Man Bag"
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Ever see a guy carrying a bag on his shoulder and wonder just what would possess a man to carry a "purse/bag"?

Well, here's one really good answer.

Introducing the TAC2 "ULTIMATE MAN BAG".

Using our own TAC2 "AR15/M16 DISCREET CARRY KIT" with an Aluminum Fore-End tube, the Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter, the Mako Folding AR Pistol Grip, and an AR15 Pistol, we have created the pinnacle of a concealable/covert AR15/M16.

In the Take-Down condition, it will fit into an 11"x6"x9" bag with all its parts, a 60 rd. Surefire mag, and a Burris Fast Fire II or III sight mounted on top.



This kit can go from bag on shoulder to firing in about 30 sec.

Not only is it an awesome piece of kit should the SHTF, but it has very high CDI & CG factors.

It also really gets folks attention when you use it to shoot a 3-Gun competition.

The whole kit in its bag will fit in the console of my F250 pickup, and is readily available if needed.

One of the pictures shows the bag with kit inside, beside a standard laptop case for size comparison.


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